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Coaching & Consulting

Interim Executives

We create result!


Interim Executives - We create results!

"Leading change is different, hire a specialist for the change to stabilise your business - interims are available with flex terms, and short contracts to achieve set goals!"

Experience says that people coming in to achieve a clearly defined task in a time slot overachieve. Why is that? Three clear reasons.


  • A focused approach, no internal politics, history, or relations, simplifies achieving results as we can focus “neutrally” on the task at hand without prejudice.

  • Expectations on follow-up assignments lead to a desire to achieve superior results, happy clients are your references, and your new assignment ticket.

  • Do you want to have something done fast? Give it to someone who’s busy, they don’t have time to procrastinate, they do it straight away. Give it to someone who has time on their hand. They will make it linger to fill their days.


Conclusion: Interims and consultants are loyal to the task at hand and can create faster and better results when given the right directives, and guidance on what to do under which time period!


Notic provides Interim Executives and Professionals in all fields. Notic, we create change! We have a vast network available, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we have a network that will support and make it happen!

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