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Coaching & Consulting

Follow up ensuring you succeed in your change process.


Coaching, we set up your personal Leadership Development Program that trajects your career growth

We have a hands-on results-oriented approach to coaching. Together we set up a development plan for you, a detailed plan that helps you set your career towards advanced leadership roles and senior management positions. In regular sessions, we guide you throughout your career growth and professional development. 


Topics covered in coaching sessions are Greater career satisfaction by creating your own career vision and setting SMART targets. How do attract more interesting opportunities & challenges for an impactful career? Create your career vision, set your leadership and development goals with a clear timeline, specific actions, and how you measure those over time. By setting time for regular assessments and evaluations with us, we ensure continuous improvements over time.  


Coaching is based on trust, openness, and honesty. All coaching agreements start with a pre-meeting, free of charge where you and the coach get to know each other. Only when both are in agreement the coaching agreement will be signed. If not, that first meeting is free of charge. We believe in pay-it-forward, many of us have been helped early in our careers by mentors and coaches. In some cases, we offer coaching sessions at reduced costs for young ambitious people with limited ability to afford them. 

Individual Coaching.


A standard package covers six meetings at two hours., including assignments in-between over half a year: 29.900 SEK. 

Executive coaching help leaders navigate change, including operating model re-design, agile ways of working, integration, organizational design, and culture transformation.

The role of Management teams in today’s fast-changing environment is increasingly complex as well as critical. Management needs to define its purpose and role as a team instead of as a set of individuals. You need to align the group around a clear vision and figure out how to best leverage each team member’s experience when making decisions. Most importantly, the team needs to partner with each of the key stakeholders to learn, connect the dots, and chart the path forward driving positive impact and value creation. We partner with your leadership teams to facilitate team development.


Typically our executive consultants and coaching team engage over a period of six months. Based on your priorities we assess the situation, we facilitate workshops, participate and observe during team meetings, and perform regular check-ins with the team leader and other team members. Our executive coaches come from Senior Management positions, and from our own experience in leadership, we bring expertise and perspective. We offer to coach, advise, and mentor.

A standard package covers six meetings at two hours., including assignments in-between over half a year: 29.900 SEK. 

To excel in change management, to be proficient in managing change, structure, coaching, and follow up ensuring you succeed in your change process. 

Change Management Coaching – Continuous Improvements. Leading improvement and change programs, continuous improvements, or transformative change we know that it’s easy to get bogged down with planning, execution, follow-up, and documentation. To excel in change management, or any other discipline, you need practice and to practice efficiently you need a coach. Someone who is there for you ensuring you go that last mile and support you when you need to.


We have set up a cost-efficient program that works, we support you with the framework, and coach and guide you over a period of six months to ensure you establish routines to be more proficient in Managing change. The program can be tailored to you as an individual or to your management team, and the Board of Directors of your company. We establish parameters over two full days, where we go through tools & methods as well as brief you on the psychology of change and where people tend to go off-track, what to keep an eye on in your and others' change management. 

Monthly plan includes two full days per month at customer site and two follow up over teams per month. 39 900 SEK/month

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