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Swedish Representation Office 

High Impact - Low Risk - Dedication - Focus - Results

Are you looking to tap into the Scandinavian markets? We offer tailored, hands-on practical support to help you grow your business. With coaching and mentoring from experts who have successfully navigated the export process, we support and guide you every step of the way, including part-time or interim export management support where necessary. We understand that committing to a market entry can be overwhelming, so we provide a framework with the right support to equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed. Our in-market team members and partners will help you make the right connections to buyers, agents/distributors, and professional support services. We are your one-stop shop for support in Sweden. We assist in trade missions to make it easy for you to connect with potential customers. Stop feeling confused and uncertain about exporting and let us guide you to success.  


Our Services, your success​

  • Assess the business plan from a regional perspective.  

  • Part-time or interim export management support 

  • in-market team to make connections to buyers, agents/distributors, and professional support services. 

  • Dedicated Sales & Marketing team handling all from outbound sales, translations, web, and social media outreach.   

  • Professional support services admin, legal, accounting,  

  • Recruiting staff, setting up offices, production.


Simply put, we run and manage your company during the start-up with shared resources to make a cost-efficient market entry. We create results. Swedish Representation Office - High Impact – Low Risk - Dedicated - Focused - Results. Export Partner, with a wide Network we have regional resources for Risk-Free, low-cost market entry. Trans-Atlantic, Asia, Europe. 



Representation office Sweden. Monthly service fee, including registered address from, 499 €/ month ´

Example of costs and services we offer, we tailor-make an offer that suits your needs and requirements.  

Set-up of new Limited Company (Aktiebolag) 2995 €
Registration Directors, bank account, accounting  
Equity of min 25.000 SEK/ 2500EUR, in addition  
to being deposited to your Swedish business account.  

Co-working space shared offices  
Stockholm and Gothenburg from 499 €/month  

Hourly fees, examples, and pending requirements:  

Commercial, Sales representation 110-135/ hrs 
Administration, back-office 
Meetings booking 75- 85/ hrs 
Legal representation 350/ hrs 

Base fee SMALL, 499 €/month  

No employees in Sweden  

Up to 3 M SEK turnover 
50 outgoing invoices/ month 
50 supplier invoices/ receipts/ month 

Base fee MEDIUM, 995 €/month  

2 employees in Sweden  

Up to 10 M SEK turnover  

Base fee Large, 2495 €/month

Up to 10 employees,  

Up to 100 M SEK turnover  


* Prices are based on set up where outgoing invoices are detail specified by customers online. Supplier invoices are sent to a dedicated inbox and receipts are uploaded into the system by the customer. Additional manual work correcting, changing, or amending is added on an hourly ratio.  

Salaries are paid with fixed amounts, and manual work with bonuses or other variances may be invoiced separately after agreements with customers. Prices are to be confirmed pending your requirements to be confirmed after the scope of assignments has been defined and agreed upon. Prices are to be seen as examples of typical assignments.   

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