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Our Services

Notic contributes to building successful companies, built on sound values. Sustainable business starts with sustainable profits. Only then are the basis for sustainable development of the environment, employees, customers, suppliers, and society possible. We often work behind the scenes as confidential business partners.

We act based on our own practical experience, based on high integrity, and high ethical standards.


We have a results-oriented approach to coaching. By setting time for regular assessments and evaluations with us, we ensure continuous improvements over time. Coaching is based on trust, openness, and honesty. 


We offer Executive Leadership Coaching for Teams or Individuals. Special programs for Continuous Improvement, Change Management available

Corporate Governance


We help you achieve your organizational goals. We gather teams of experts to help you develop and execute fast-pace change based on winning strategy.  We offer Advisory board, Senior Advisor, Coaching, Mentoring. Provide invaluable feedback, guidance, 


We provide board evaluation, assessment, training, and recruitment with our partner networks. The role of the Board in today’s

fast-paced environment is increasingly critical.


The Directors define the company's purpose, working as a team to align around a clear vision and figure out how to best leverage available resources. 


Are you looking to expand your business in Sweden? We offer tailored, practical support and guide you every step of the way, including part-time or interim export management support where necessary. 


We understand that exporting can be overwhelming, so we provide a framework with the right support Our in-market team will help you make the right connections to buyers, agents/distributors, and professional support services. 



The solution for organizations facing unexpected changes and the need for leaders on short notice. Our highly experienced and skilled professionals are ready to step in and provide stability, continuity and effective leadership 


Are you looking to expand your business and tap into global markets?


We are offering tailored support to grow your business internationally, including part-time or interim export management who have successfully navigated the export process.


We understand exporting can be overwhelming, but our in-market team and partners will help you make the right connections to buyers, agents/distributors, and professional support services. 


With extensive experience in Sales & Marketing, we know that a clear brand, combined with a strong business personality and storytelling makes an impact. 

We offer complete brand and marketing services, storytelling, photography as well as outreach activities. In Sweden and internationally. 

Niklas Hägerklint

Founder & CEO

Specialized in leading high-paced change in complex situations. Niklas is an experienced leader and coach with a background as CEO, Sales Director, and Entrepreneur with a Business degree in Organisational Development. 

He is pragmatic and results-oriented, known for his hands-on approach.

Niklas has a clear talent for leading and creating a positive work environment. He is structured and focused on achieving success, and intuitive in his ability to identify patterns and create order out of chaos. One of the key strengths of Niklas is his ability to make theoretical models accessible and engaging. As a client explained:


"Initially, we were skeptical about the applicability of these models to our company, but Niklas was able to simplify them and involve us in the process. Through our collaboration with Niklas, we have learned a great deal."

Our Clients

We have worked with various projects, from Managing Change, relocating assets, right-sizing, redundancies, start-ups, and second--opinions on business plans or recruitments. Our team have handled Interim assignments in international and local companies.  

We make your business fly higher!

Senior Advisor . Change Management . Business Consulting

Writing on yellow post-it notes

Niklas is competent and knowledgeable, within his area of expertise, and as well a sympathetic person.

Fredrik Rosén

Quotation mark

Niklas is a strong motivator, he makes sure we understand why change is necessary as well as keeps the pace high in the process

Anders Persson

Quotation mark

We benefitted from Niklas's way of taking on the project. ensuring we grasped the overall picture and spreading a positive can-do attitude in the team. Being present from the shop floor to Management Team

Anna Svensson

Our Partners

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