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After the bankruptcy of Santex, four employees started a new business in the industry which is thriving.

Over the past six months, Niklas Hägerklint, Emmy Dannehall, Kent Pålsson, and Indira Rossing have launched Allvy, which is now fully operational.

"All four of us worked at Santex before and we thought it was a waste that the renowned products wouldn't be available on the market anymore. So we all thought about it individually and came to the conclusion that we should continue together," says Niklas Hägerklint.

"Right now, we work with three suppliers, but we will take in more" says Kent Pålsson.

"We have a high knowledge of the products because we have already worked with them previously," says Emmy Dannehall.

"The idea is to offer product assortment for restaurants, events and private residence made in Europe of high quality. There is a lack of high-end glazing options in Scandinavia that we aim to supply" says Niklas Hägerklint.

"If you look at our competitors, they are all reporting record sales. I think many are investing a lot in their homes during the coronavirus times, spending money on the house instead of vacations," says Indira Rossing.

"The entire conservatory industry generates almost two billion kronor. We want to become at least one of the ten largest companies, especially since we have unique products," says Niklas Hägerklint.

Start-Up, Glazing & Conservatory

Start-Up, Glazing & Conservatory
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